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Size & Care

Care for Gold-Plated and Silver By Glaze Pieces

It’s important to show a little TLC to your jewellery so they always look their best. And the better you care for your pieces, the longer they will last. By Glaze pieces are hand made delicate pieces and each one is beautifully unique. So please be gentle with them, avoid sleeping in your jewellery and take them off whilst showering and exercising. You should also try removing rings when washing your hands as contact with water and sweat will increase the likelihood of damage and discolouration. Even everyday products like lotions, perfumes, makeup and hair sprays can cause permanent damage to your pieces.

Care for Ceramics

The ceramics sold on By Glaze are handmade pieces not designed to hold water or to be used as vases. They are designed to be sculptural objects and to hold jewellery or dry objects. Please do not put in the dishwasher, wipe down with a damp cloth if necessary.


Don’t overlook storage of your jewellery. You should always store your pieces separately, preferably in your By Glaze ceramic bowl or By Glaze soft lined box (please note store without the lid to allow air to the jewellery). You can also store and display your pieces in your Shell Jewellery Travel Case, unzipped and with the lid open. If all of your jewellery have their own storage place, they won’t tangle with each other, you’ll be able to find them with ease and they are less likely to scratch against other pieces.

Much like the sun's rays can cause damage to your skin, they can also be harmful to your jewellery. Prolonged exposure to the sunlight will cause silver and gold-plated pieces to tarnish much more quickly. So when you’re not wearing it, store your jewellery in a cool, dry place, out of the direct light.


To bring your jewellery back to it’s shiny state, clean carefully with a soft and non-abrasive pollish cloth. If dirt is beginning to build up on your pieces, you can use a mild washing up liquid with warm water and a soft toothbrush. 

Be sure to rinse your jewellery in a glass of water or bowl, in order to remove any cleaning solutions, as you risk losing loose jewels or your entire piece altogether if you rinse directly over the sink drain. 
Avoid ‘over-cleaning’ your jewellery and using harsh chemicals as this will damage your pieces over time. Remember, sometimes less is more.

Size Guide

We want to make sure you guys get the right ring size, please use the size guide below for reference. Any questions please email we also recommend you go for your usual ring size.