By Glaze is founded by Natalie Glaze

At By Glaze we are creating timeless pieces of jewellery that reflect our brand’s values and ethos. Our pieces have been created using recycled sterling silver and responsibily sourced 18k gold plating in order to be as sustainable as possible, but also creating beautiful, minimalistic pieces that both empower women and enhance their natural beauty.

Designs & Inspiration

By Glaze designs are inspired by nature herself. Specifically we have looked to the ocean and all it touches, with our collections having been designed around the waves and the sand they touch upon. With just under three quarters of the world’s surface being covered by water, we know there is incredible strength and beauty that comes with it.

What beautiful jewellery means to me

“I always put on my jewellery in the morning. It’s become part of my routine as it completes my look and brings my whole outfit together. I feel confident and empowered when I wear it, so even if I don’t have any plans for the day and I’m just staying at home, I’ll always start my day by putting on my jewellery.”

Natalie Glaze, Founder